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Fruit of the Spirit: A Plea


Help me become more loving like you, and

Help me to love others, no matter who they are.

Allow my life to be filled with joy, and

Let me bring joy into others' lives, too.

I pray for peace in our world and that,

Through everything,

I would keep my eyes focused on

You and your will.

Give me the guidance I need so that

I am patient towards others and you.

Help me be kind towards others, especially those who need it.

Allow my life to be filled with good things, which come from you.

Guide me in my life, so I stay faithful to you and what you want for me.

Help me be gentle in my words and actions to those I interact with everyday.

I pray for self-control so I can know what is right and good.


Help me adopt these elements into my life so I can be more like You.


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