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Found By You: A Prayer of Longing

How good it is, God, to be found by you.

At this point, I have walked

more years with an awareness of you

than without. Amen!

I have walked in:

Wildernesses. Valleys. Deserts. Hallways.

On: Peaks. Trails. Lonely roads.

Even so, you are he who still

fills my heart with hope,

he who undermines my decay,

and commits to my growth.

When I’ve failed, you’ve not gone.

In my unsurety you have remained.

From my heart, Spirit,

you still birth a perfect prayer

and I race to get my grimy fingers on it,

my fingerprints and spots all over it,

only to give it back to you

now imperfect but

an offering nonetheless.

A broken hallelujah that reminds me

How good it is, God, to be found by you.

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