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Forget Me, God: An Honest Plea

God, I seem perpetually interested in myself.

Sometimes, I feel so self-concerned.

I can't even write sentences without using "I."

(The last three sentences are evidence.)

Like a person who moves about, thinking

The universe orbits around them and

Everyone else is an actor on their stage,

Sometimes, I'm so self-engrossed.

But, O God, I wish it weren't so.

Today, I want it to not be about me.

Today, I want to forget me, God.

Instead, I want to remember you.

I want this life to be put in its rightful place:

Orbiting around you. Centered on you.

Engrossed with you. Moving around you.

Sentences about you, perpetually about you.

So, today, help me to forget me, God.

And to turn my eyes to you.

To keep my eyes steadied on Jesus.

To keep my eyes focused on the cross.

To keep my eyes focused on the Spirit's moves.

Forget me, God, this is all about you.

Remind me of that every day. Please, remind me.


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