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Flame: A Brief Prayer

God, desire is burning in me. Kindling. It started with a spark and, I can feel it, God, it's growing...moving toward a mighty flame. Spirit, continue to stoke this fire within me. Add fuel to it. Increase the yearning in me. The burning in the chambers of my heart and in my bones. Light me up with your presence. Indeed, O God, let there be light in me and around me. Make my interior like an out-of-control forest fire that has caught wind of you. Tend to this flame in me God and never let it extinguish. And may I be as a burning man, alight for all the world to see the blaze of your glory. Help me to be as a city on a hill, bright for all to see, so that, when people see me, really they see you. And when they see me, they might turn and glorify you, O God, my Father in me and in Heaven. Amen.

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