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Everyone & Everything: A Prayer

God, I give everyone and everything to you.

Everyone I speak to today;

Everyone that crosses my mind;

Everyone I see;

Everyone praying for me;

Everyone who is for me;

Everyone against me;

Everyone at The Bridge Church;

Everyone in my family;

Everyone who hears me speak;

Everyone upon whose shoulders I stand;

Everyone I work with;

Everyone I teach;

Everyone, Lord. I give everyone to you.

Everything that touches my heart-mind today;

Everything that stands in the way of knowing you more;

Everything that seeks to impede your kingdom;

Every weapon formed against me;

Every word spoken ill of me;

Every hope hoped for me;

Every act of love shown to me;

Every encouraging word that edifies;

Everything that screams truth;

Everything that aims to undermine truth;

Everything I think, feel, say, and do;

Everything, Lord. I give everything to you.

God, I give everyone and everything to you.

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