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End Covid: An Intercessory Prayer

Lord, I feel like Jonah when he was in the fish. When he felt trapped, barricaded, and tangled up. When he felt like he was drowning in despair. Covid has stormed this world, this nation, this island, this city. It has marched its way up to the doors of those I love and barged in. It has come, unwanted, into the lives of saints with the deepest of faith. It has wrested loved ones from the arms of those who love them. It has come, like a big fish, but the difference, Lord, is that you haven't appointed it, have you? I pray, Lord, for those struggling to breathe. Would you breathe in them the breath of life, God? I pray, God, for those lying in fear in ICUs and hospital hallways. Would you deliver them, God? I pray, Father, for those forced to separate from the voices and glances and touches of their friends and family. Would you comfort them, God? I pray for parents watching their children on ventilators. Would you envelope them in your loving presence, God? I pray for those who've lost their jobs and are worried about making ends meet. Would you provide for them, Sovereign God? I pray for those who are facing eviction notices and face the prospects of sleeping in cars, on the streets, or in shelters. Would you grant them dwelling under your wings of provision, God? It's tough, Lord, so tough. Please, bring this virus to an end and help us to do our part in making that happen. Protect your sons and daughters, Lord, that they might overcome and, like so many in Scripture, live to a ripe old age. I pray these things in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

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