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"Empty" Prayer: An Easter Spoken Word

It's Sunday. God are you with me?

I stand here, hands straight empty,

Like your tomb with no body, Lord,

And everything aims to tempt me.

Eyes and ears don't stray! Focus simply!

It's Sunday.

It's Sunday. God will you meet me?

I need you, like a fuel tank on empty,

I'm drifting, life is kinda trippy,

Tricky, sin got me feelin' kinda sickly.

Hands and feet don't stray! Move quickly!

It's Sunday.

It's Sunday. God will you free me?

I want you, please leave this prison empty,

Captive set free, cap this story's ending.

O Captain, my Captain, capture this fledgling.

Douse me, this doubter, with deep blessing.

It's Sunday.

It's Sunday. God will you raise me?

I yearn for you, no more empty words, I praise thee.

Appraise these songs of mine as great things.

Grace me with your presence daily.

Easter: Forgiveness on display, displacing me.

This raised King. My center. My everything.

It's Sunday.

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