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Don't Need "Things": A Short Prayer

Father, the more I contemplate your presence, the more that's all I want. I don't want or expect anything else from you, God. Others want this or that, they want things. Others want wealth and health from you, but I just want your presence. Even some of your "people" feel entitled to things from you. People have deceived themselves into believing that, because they are yours, or because they are "saved," that they should be exempt from the trials of life that have become ordinary in a fallen world. And they have the audacity to believe that you owe them something, anything. I don't expect any of that God. No, your presence is enough for me. And so, I ask that your presence would just envelop me and fall fresh on me. I seek your presence. long for your face to shine upon me as I bask in your glorious midst. Come Holy Spirt, Come. Be present.

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