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Day & Night: A Prayer of Inquiry

What do you do all day, God?

Do you stroll across the valleys of Kentucky?

Wander, perhaps, through the corridors of Cincinnati?

Set sail through the islands of Hawai’i?

Hold on with all you’ve got riding through the streets of Addis?

Ski down the slopes atop Boyne City?

What do you do all night, God?

Look down at the people or look up at the stars?

Sit under the bridges and around a fire barrel?

Stand upon the cliffs and listen to the pounding surf?

Catch an indigenous show with traditional song and dance?

Marvel at the snow-covered lake?

I know you live both outside of and within me, God, but

I wonder what it’s like to be in all who welcome you?

And what it’s like, then, to do all this at once?

And be in these many different places at once?

I’m imagining you doing all these things in

my prayer today, God. It’s simply astounding.

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