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Craving: A Prayer of Confession & Gratitude

Spirit, it must’ve been half-a-year-ago or so that you convicted and compelled me to begin praying for those whom I felt jealousy toward. I’ve been doing that. In paying attention to my emotions, whenever I’ve sensed jealousy, I’ve immediately prayed for that person, gave them to you, and asked that you would bless them and their ministry. And now, after this brief period of time, you’ve changed me so much that it’s becoming like a craving, both a craving for my own humility and for others’ successes. I do crave humility, God, for it purges away covetousness and jealousy. It burns away facades and potential envies. It makes me a better man. It makes me more like you. And I crave that—to be more like you. Thank you for that craving, which you’ve placed in my heart, and reminds me of the true order of desires. Thank you for beginning this good work in me, Lord; I trust that you will continue to bring it to completion. Amen.

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