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Cracked Pot: A Refurbished Plea

O, God, who said, "Let there be light," let there be light in me.

Make your light shine in my heart, Lord, and radiate outward.

May the light of the knowledge of your glory burst forth from me,

The same glory put on full display in the face of Christ.

That is my plea, Lord, my desperate plea.

I am, after all, merely a cracked pot, a clay jar. Chipped. Broken.

But not empty. No, not empty. Rather, poured into.

Being filled up. Indwelled. Housing the gift of your light in me.

May the light intensify. May the luminosity increase.

Not that I would increase. But that you would.

That your all-surpassing power would be a marvel.

That when I, a cracked pot am looked upon, would not be seen.

But that Christ Jesus would be seen.

Whenever I'm pressed on by the struggles of life, may the light

Of your presence multiply. For, I'm not crushed. Still your jar.

Whenever I'm persecuted as your child, may the light

Of your presence be strengthened. For, I'm not abandoned. Still yours.

Whenever I'm struck down by life's trials, may the light

Of your presence be magnified. For, I'm not destroyed. Still here.

Your presence is still here. Still in me. Moving me.

Helping me die in order to truly live. I'm a jar. Cracked.

Unable to bring much of worth, except my heart jar.

Accept this broken offering, Lord, body...

And use it to your glory. In the name of the Father, Son, and Spirit. Amen.

(Based on 2 Cor 4:6-12)

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