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Awaken In Christ: A Plea

Some nights, God, I don't sleep. Others, I sleep very little. Some days, when I am gifted with waking up from sleep, I'm sluggish and slow, weak and out of it. Lord, I've spent 40+ years waking up as me. Today, O Lord, my prayer is for a change: I want to awaken in Christ. To rise no longer in slumber, but wakefulness, readiness. To wake up, as if in a new body, Christ's body, brimming with life and joy and radiance. To wake up no longer unwhole or in pieces, but overflowing with shalom and energy. I want to awaken in Christ, O God. To see as he sees, that is, to see things for what they really are. To see the things beneath the things. To see past the facades and charades and see the truth. To hear as if in Christ's body and to hear no longer as me, but as him. To hear beyond the surface and into the depths. All these days, Lord, I've woken as me. And, until now, I've never prayed otherwise. Tomorrow, Lord, I want to awaken in Christ, in Christ's body, and move about as he does and pleases. I want to be Jesus to my wife and kids and neighbors and students and congregants and friends. So, O God, I pray for sleep tonight. And I pray that, tomorrow, I would awaken in Christ. I want to awaken in Christ. In the name of the Father, Son, and Spirit. Amen.

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