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An Infinite Repetition: A Litany of Thanks

Thank you, Lord, for every

Eisodus moment. Every time

you’ve led me into something

new, something good, and

something you desire of me, (Act I)

every Act 1 you’ve played in

and allowed me to join.

Thank you for every beginning.

Thank you, Lord, for being

there in every hardship. Every time

I’ve screwed something up, every

time someone else has caused

trouble or heartache, every single (Act II)

time you’ve come through in

every Act 2. You’ve never once

let me down or disappointed.

Thank you for every middle.

Thank you, Lord, for every

Exodus moment. Every time

you’ve led me out of something

not meant for me, every time

you’ve turned evil for good, (Act III)

every sea you’ve made a highway,

every Act 3. You have always

made a way where there wasn’t.

Thank you for every end.

Thank you, Lord, for being a

God who always shows up, who

walks with me through the

infinite repetition of Acts 1-3:

You lead in, stay within, lead out. (Finale)

You have never once failed.

Your love never fails—it is

an infinite repetition, indeed.

Thank you for every finale, everything.

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