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A Prayer for Vulnerability

I have no right, save that the right You have given me. I have no good, save the good You have afforded me. I am without truth, save the truth You have revealed to me. I have no beauty, but the beauty You have suffered for me. And I have no love, that You have not poured over me. In righteous truth, goodness, beauty, and love have chased me since my heart had ears to hear the song You had for me before all things. You are before me, and are after me, and surround me. How can any part of myself be hidden? How can You still find in me a place where You have with infinite patience waited, and gently knocked for so long? I have not the key to open all of me. If it takes a battering or burning, please let every door take its leave in your cross, until every door is a resurrected doorway open to your goodness, truth, beauty and love. For without You I am not, and without You I have naught. Please have just a little more patience with me, but let your merciful wrath destroy all fear and doubt that lays siege behind every locked door within me. For just a little patience from You can see ten-thousand suns burn to their end, and I trust that You would not have that for me, but see me burn brightly again. Amen.

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