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A Prayer to be One

Lord, we know that it pleases you when brothers and sisters can come together and live together in unity. We pray, O God, that You would shape The Bridge into a community of people that lives life together, creates peace together, stands against injustice together, and unites around the cross together.

As we live out our baptisms, O God, we recall the words of Paul, who preached the Good News, that, in you, there is no division. That, in you, there is neither Jew nor Gentile, Greek nor Barbarian, Male and Female. But that, in you, we are all one. May unity in the Spirit be our mindset, may it be the banner that we fly, may it be our driving force, and may it be what compels us to press on toward the goal of glorifying You.

Father, Son and Spirit, Three-in-One, Triune God, just as you are The One And The Many, may we be many who are one. May you be praised and may your body be edified as we join together in prayer, in mission, and in ministry as we daily live out the gospel side-by-side.

So God, I offer this prayer as a prayer of unity. Lord, be present among us and rise up within us, maybe even, O God, in a way that you have yet to do. And Lord, make our eyes and ears and hearts and minds be so attentive and so aware that we recognize your heavy presence and your pure desires. I pray these things in the name of The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

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