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A Prayer of Yielding & Yearning

O Lord, right now, I yield to you and pray.

I turn my eyes to you and away from my fears.

I lift you up instead of allowing other things to get me down.

I focus on praising you instead of on things that cut me down.

I wait for you.

I want for you.

I yearn for you.

I just want me out of the picture.

Even in expressing this, the words “I”, “my” and “me” must be used. But O Lord, may "you" be magnified in my life. And may "you" be lifted up. May "your" gentle breeze flow. And may the sweetness of "your" heart enrich. May the beauty you possess envelop. And may the love you pour overflow. May the presence of your dwelling and the weight of your glory fill, seal and heal.

Yes Lord,

Yes Lord,


Dwell here, right here.

And hold me in your arms of love.


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