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A Prayer of Repentance

Lord, I come to you acknowledging what I've done wrong. I've sinned against you. I've sinned against myself. I've sinned against others and even your creation. I have messed up, God. I'm sorry, so sorry. I have put distance between us. I know the error of my ways. I walked with you but then veered off. I obeyed you then chose disobedience. Please, God, forgive me. Holy Spirit, cleanse me, renew me, restore me, put a right heart-mind within me. I confess my failures, faults, and flaws. I confess that I need you. Right now, God, I turn away from them and to you. And I just want to grab you and cling to you. I want you to root out the darkness hidden in me and replace it with Light. Jesus, I've sinned. Please, come upon my body and into my heart and all that I am. Thank you, God, for not abandoning me. Thank you God, for hearing me. Thank you, God, for forgiving me. I love you. Amen.

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