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A Prayer of Praise for the God Who Paints

O God of color,

Who is not colorblind,

But who is in the colors,

And who adores the diversity of hues,

I seek Your presence.

For You, O God, are

The Artist.

You O Lord, are

The Creator.

You O Father, are

The One

Who sheds light

Upon this canvas,

Your world

And enables us to see

In ways that others cannot.

You are Emmanuel,

You are with us.

You have been incarnate and

You dwell within and among us.

You are the Light of the World.

So, help us God

To be thankful for the light,

For many times, we are only thankful

For the paint, and

The brush, and

The canvas.

But what is the painting without light?

As You make yourself present, and

As You paint all around,

Help us to be aware of the Light.

For, without light of Light,

We cannot see the picture,

Much less the big picture!

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