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A Prayer for Knowledge & Wisdom

O Spirit of God, Wisdom of the Ages,

O Most Knowing Being in existence,

You alone are exalted.

I long for your heart and I greatly desire your mind, the mind of Christ.

I seek the depths of your knowledge, for it moves me to wonder.

I search for the opportunity to love you with my heart, soul, strength, and mind.

I want to

walk by your side,

dwell in your encompassing presence,

think as you think,

know as you know,

be wise as you are wise, and

devote myself to attending to your wants and desires.

Will you discipline and shape me,

Will you give me some of your strength, so that

I know how to both teach others and know you more?

O Ancient of Days and Most Present of All,

May this be a year filled with you,

A year devoted to you,

And a year where I find you at every turn.

May it be, O Lord, may it be.

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