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A Prayer for Guidance

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Oh Lord, my heart is open to You, but is not always open to me. Our hearts lay bare to You, but remain a mystery to us. More than a house with many rooms, the heart is an expansive mountain range full of deep valleys, and heights we can not yet see. You have planted many gardens on many a precipice,

and I have tried to hide myself, my hurt, my anger, my wrongs from You, and myself. I do not know the way of my own heart, nor have I the tools to climb or till the weeds that have grown there, but You O God are the Great Sherpa and Gardener, so lead me into all of me, that there may be more of You within my every rock and stream, valley, peak, and everywhere in between. I can not know You without You revealing and unveiling me as You have made me to be. Help me to become fully me. Amen. [I have included a recording (click here) of this prayer with 10 minutes of music for a ten minute pause. A helpful practice is to find a comfortable and quiet place to sit upright and be still for ten minutes (if you lay down you may fall asleep, and thats ok! Your body probably needed the rest). Listen with headphones, and use earmuff headphones if it is a noisy environment. If you feel unsettled before hand, be kind to yourself by allowing a brief moment of transition. You can do this in part by closing your eyes, take one long and slow deep breath in and hold for a brief moment, and then slowly exhale. Repeat two more times, then play the recording.]

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