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A Prayer for Deep Prayer

Every day, Lord, I want to join you in prayer. I know you, Spirit, are already praying in me without ceasing. But I find it tough, hour by hour, to join in. Minute by minute and moment by moment seems impossible. But, deep within, I know it's not. And, so, O God, I ask that you lead me into deep prayer. The kind of prayer conformed to your will. The kind of prayer motivated by utter self-abandon. The kind of prayer whose raw edges trim the fat from around my unhealthy heart. The kind of prayer that consistently begins with, "Son and Spirit, how are you praying? Would you give me the words so I can join in?" The kind of prayer that consistently ends with, "Your will be done." I'm sick of shallow praying. Help me dive deep, God, into my heart where you are, that I may find you there and pray in concert with you. Amen.

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