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A Prayer for Daily Bread

You have set the clouds as a crown on the mountains, and Your mystery as a crown over my heart. I pause and wonder at Your depth, like the mountains before me are forever climbing higher and higher still. I can not see their end in height nor depth. Yet I have tried to hold You in my thoughts, carry You as a picture in my mind as if Your beauty was something I could hold in the palm of my hand. My gratitude is this, that You would not let me have all of You here and now, for only the fool could think himself so great to receive such a gift, or You so small a god to be given. Even so, you came as a small babe, as small as me, and was still greater than all of creation. Forgive this fool's greed for wanting all my inheritance here and now, but grant me the courage and faith to surrender, and enter Your mystery if only by praying, "give us this day our daily bread."

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