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A Prayer for Blessing and Repentance

Lord bless these eyes, they have seen things they cannot forget. Teach my eyes repentance, that they may ever turn, watch, and follow You. Lord bless these hands, they have grasped things they cannot release. Teach my hands repentance, that they may ever turn, open, and wait on You. Lord bless these ears, they have heard things they cannot unhear. Teach my ears repentance, that they may ever turn, listen, and obey You alone. Lord bless this tongue, it has tasted things that have left me addicted. Teach my tongue repentance, that it may fast, yearn, and taste only Your holy feast. Lord bless this mind, it holds all these things repeatedly, the compulsive loop of thoughts that clamor for all my attention and all my affection. Teach my mind repentance, that the idol worship of my thoughts may be utterly destroyed, and every thought be turned to meditate on You, opened to the filling of Your Holy Spirit. Lord bless this heart, for it has loved fear, the familiar wounds and trauma more than You. Teach my heart repentance, that it may open, receive, heal, and blossom in Your love. Let my eyes, my hands, my ears, my tongue, my mind, my heart, and all that I am bless Your holy name. Amen.

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