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A Final Togetherness: A Prayer of Hope

God, some days are so hard.

Difficult. Painful. Tragic.

Full of suffering and angst.


All I want is to just see the end.

For this all to be over.

Not life. Not me and you.

This. By "this," I mean, "this hard life."

The valleys.

So, sometimes I pray "Maranatha."

(Come, Lord Jesus!)

Then, I stop and think:

"But, no! Wait

Wait, Lord Jesus!"

More people need to know you.

Meet you.

See you.

Hear you.

Feel you.

Wait, Lord Jesus!

So, sometimes I waver between

"Come, Lord Jesus!" and "Wait, Lord Jesus!"

But I hope you know my heart's intent.

My deepest longing.

To be with you.

That final togetherness.

That's what I want now. Today. Every day.

But I must train myself

Not to clock watch.

But rather, to notice.

Notice that you're all around,

And we can be together now.

Foreshadowings of that

Final togetherness.


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