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A Beggar's Prayer

What do I have, God? You've reminded me:


The car, house, clothes, food...They're

Gifts on loan.

They're Yours.

I'm simply a beggar, masquerading as an owner.

You give and

I clinch my fists.

You open your hands to me and

How quickly I take and close mine.

I'm proud, Lord, and

A beggar.

Your beggar.

I've learned my lesson: You give

And take away.

Forgive me for putting on a front,

For thinking that my titles and credentials,

The letters stacked behind my name

Are somehow above or greater than

The title "God's Beggar."

Forgive me for thinking I am beyond

Being your beggar.

You've taught me:

There is no greater honor.

I am your beggar.

And, so, I beg of you this:

Teach me how to beg even more.


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